Kimono My… is a series of mini interviews with Kimono My House wearers that give us a little insight into their homes, gardens and studios.
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 Potter at wheel making a clay vase wearing studio kimono

6. Kimono My Studio with Sam Marks

Kimono My... studio interview with Cornwall based ceramicist Sam Marks. 

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Pip on sofa drinking tea in her house kimono looking out to the garden

5. Kimono My House - Mothers Day Special with Pip Sandbach

Kimono My... special interview to celebrate mothers day with Olivia's mum Pip Sandbach.

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 Woodcarver in studio working and wearing a green studio kimono


5. Kimono My Studio with Grain and Knot

Kimono My... visits Sophie from Grain and Knot in her perfectly formed home studio in London.

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Atsushi wearing house kimono, standing in his home, braces, interiors, model


4. Kimono My House with Atsushi Hasegawa

Kimono My... visits Atsushi in his Somerset home and chatted about what makes his house his home. 

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3. Kimono My Studio with Cecilia Bernmark Hansson

Kimono My... chats to Cecilia who is an architect and artist who prints and paints out of her Stockholm studio. 

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chickens vegetables garden


2. Kimono My Garden with Chicks n Veg

Kimono My... chats to Amy from Chicks n Veg about her beautiful cottage garden in Norfolk where she grows a variety of vegetables, cut flowers and even luffas.

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molly martin, illustrator, studio, sashiko, kimono

1. Kimono My Studio with Molly Martin

Kimono My... chats with Molly Martin: artist, illustrator, professional textile repairer and author of The Art of Repair.

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