There are currently three styles in the collection of unisex workwear kimono jackets. The Garden Kimono, The Studio Kimono and The House Kimono. They are all designed with clever practical features but with the elusion of a simple silhouette. All styles are unisex and sized XS - L, the shapes are oversized and sizing is generous to cater for men and women. The new collection of kimonos are made in dead-stock fabrics sourced from fabric warehouses in the UK. Using what is already on the planet and giving it a new beautiful life in a kimono. The kimonos are made in small batches in a small family run factory in East London.

The Garden Kimono - generally this style is considered a workwear jacket so is made in heavier fabrics like canvas and corduroy. It has a boxier shape with plenty room for layers underneath. It has a number of practical pockets and details to make the perfect gardening jacket. Click on the image below to see new options of The Garden Kimono.


Kimonos collection made in london deadstock fabrics sustainable production



The Studio Kimono - designed to be worn in the studio or workshop. it is made in medium weight hardwearing fabrics and is a slimmer shape to make it more comfortable for artists and makers working in a studio. It has a number of pockets and features to carry everything you may need whilst working in a studio. Click on the image below to see more about The Studio Kimono. 

Studio and Garden Kimonos new collection fabrics kimono style sustainable fashion brand shop small



 The House Kimono - A long lightweight cotton kimono gown with waist tie feature to suit both men and women. This can be worn open or closed and has pockets and a clever cord tie feature. Click the image below to learn more about The House Kimono.

 House kimonos luxury loungewear unisex menswear womenswear gown kimono