Kimono My House with Atsushi Hasegawa

Olivia visited Atsushi in his Somerset home where he lives with his wife, artist Alice Mary Lynch and their two daughters. Atsushi was born in Japan and lived in Paris for years before moving to Frome. He is the Creative Manager at the nearby incredible hotel The Newt and also teaches fly fishing there. His collection of fashion, his grandmothers kimonos, records and fishing gear make for an interesting and beautiful home. 


Please give me a little description of your house and your favourite thing about it?

1930’s meets 1970’s upside down house. The Pebbledash reminds me somehow of Japanese houses. Sometimes pebbledash gets a bad name, but I see it differently. 
We only recently moved here and the house was very well loved and looked after by the previous owners, who lived here for many many years, even so, we have done a lot of work over the past 9 months to modernise the house, while keeping the charm of the old too. 


What is your home soundtrack? 

Because I was Djing intensely when I was younger and record digging was one of my obsessions, I built a very eclectic collection. Mainly french records from 1960’s-80’s, any genre, or obscure film soundtracks and Brazilian or African beats, I like mixing unusual combinations together. Like everything I do. Although now because I used to listen to music every single moment, sometimes when I am actually in the house, I enjoy silence and the space too. 


What is your most favourite thing/hobby/activity to do at home?

I have a room of my own, full of my fly fishing rods, records and other treasures I have collected from my years in Japan and France, I love hiding away in there and getting lost in music and my thoughts, or fly tying for future fishing trips. 


What is a classic dish you make in the kitchen? 

Udon or soba noodles, which transports me straight back to Japan, it’s my soul food. 

What would be the dream addition to your house? 

An Onsen (Japanese hot springs bath) in the garden would be perfect. 


Atsushi's instagram can be found here.

The Newt In Somerset can be found here.

Alice Mary Lynch website can be found here.

Written by Olivia May