Kimono My Studio with Cecilia Bernmark Hansson

Cecilia Bernmark Hansson lives in Stockholm with her family, she is an architect by trade but creates beautiful prints and artworks inspired by memories of places. I spoke with Cecilia after her husband Johan gifted her a Studio Kimono to celebrate the birth of their child and moving into a new studio together. 


Please give me a little description of your studio and your favourite thing about it?

We just finished building a studio in the same house as my apartment, situated on a small island in central Stockholm. Me and my husband teamed up with a few other creative neighbours and turned the old laundry room into a studio. 


Having a studio two floors down from my apartment is a real dream come true. When I shared a studio in the city I used to set off time after work and planned the visits more. Living next door makes the studio time more frequent and more spontaneous. I have my printing equipment in the apartment and the painting stuff in the studio, so being able to move between the two is super convenient. After the pandemic I hope we can use the studio as a social space for workshops, exhibitions and drinking wine together while painting. 


What is your studio playlist? 

I listen mostly to radio and podcasts while painting, but when I have a deadline coming up I put on a playlist with a wide range mix of french hiphop, Tinariwen and Paul Simon. 


Whats a typical day in the studio like for you? 

I do most of the sketching ahead, so when I come to the studio I usually have a plan. I put on some coffee, turn on the radio, open my sketchbook and paint.


Favourite studio snack? 

Coffee and chewing gum


What would be the dream addition to your studio? 

I’d love to have a riso printer one day!

Written by Olivia May