The Kimono My House collection has been designed and made with the planet in mind – using 100% organic cotton and dyed using 75% less chemicals and water than traditional methods.

All styles are garment dyed and the shape of the kimono limits the fabric wastage. I’m fully aware of the negative impact the fashion industry has on the planet so I never want to make a piece of clothing that is not loved and used. I hope whether buying for yourself or a loved one your kimono will be worn over and over again. To find out more about the dye house for the kimonos click here.


Regenerate - One Kimono One Tree

Regeneration means to grow after loss, this is something we have all had to do after the year of 2020. The fashion industry takes a lot from our planet so I wanted to give something back in whatever small way I could. For the launch of Kimono My House I will plant a tree for each kimono sold to off-set the carbon footprint of making that kimono. I am lucky enough to have the farm where I grew up just down the road and my dad has kindly allowed me to plant a tree for each of the kimonos sold in the launch. The type of tree will be selected according to where it will be positioned on the farm and you will be able to keep track of this project on the Kimono My house Instagram and with the hashtag #onekimonoonetree


Repair – Sashiko Repair Kit

All the kimonos have been made with durability in mind, although accidents are bound to happen and these kimonos are designed to work in. If your kimono gets a tear or hole it can be repaired using a traditional Japanese method called Sashiko. Your kimono will come with a Sashiko repair kit, consisting of matching thread and fabric and specially designed illustrated instructions by Molly Martin. These will be found in your kimono pocket and in more detail here


Recycle – For a discount

All the kimonos are designed without any hardware and are 100% cotton so therefore are fully recyclable. The magnet can be removed and used for another purpose and the kimono is 100% organic cotton and widely recycled. However, I would be happy to receive any worn kimonos in which I can repair or recycle here, in return you would receive a 20% discount for your next kimono.