Welcome to Kimono My House, named after the 1974 album of the same name by the band Sparks.

Named because it was the kimono connecting point between myself and my accountant, Rob. In our first conversation together, I asked him what he knew about kimonos, he responded saying the only thing he knew was the album, Kimono My House. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted the brand to be called at that stage so I went with it and it stuck. I love the unintentional collaborative effort of this moment!
As you’ve probably guessed by now, I love Kimonos. I wear a lot of vintage Kimonos, the colourful, patterned full length silk ones which are beautiful but not totally practical for everyday wear. It wasn’t until I bought a vintage Hanten jacket, a gorgeous indigo dyed workwear kimono that was worn by builders on the construction site in the 50s that got me thinking how varied kimonos can be (here is a photo of me in the original kimono). In Japan the word Kimono means ‘The thing to wear’ so I wanted to create a kimono that can be worn everywhere, by everyone.
Kimono My House was born during the summer of 2020 after I moved from London to Devon. After working in the garden with my step-dad I wanted a workwear jacket that is practical but I’m also quite particular with my style (this will be because of my years of working in luxury fashion) I like sleek design, plain colours and good quality fabrics. To design with these all in mind and to be inspired by kimonos is my dream, so I made it happen.
At the moment there are three designs, The Garden Kimono, The House Kimono and The Studio Kimono – all with their own unique details and in different weights of organic cotton. They are all offered in three unisex sizes and across five colours. I truly believe there is a kimono for everyone here, so I hope you see something you like. 
Kimono My House is a celebration of Japanese culture and particularly the wide and varied world of kimonos. Kimonos are popular worldwide and should continue to be whether you're wearing a vintage one or a reimagined version of one. 
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