Kimono My Studio with Francli Craftwear

For this latest Kimono My... interview, Olivia visited Ali of Francli Craftwear in her beautiful farm based studio in Cornwall. Inspired by the wild landscapes and the creative spirit of Cornwall they craft collections of function-led workwear, tools and accessories for rural-based craftspeople, handmade with repurposed materials, British fabrics and Devonshire tanned leather.

Olivia uses the her Waymarker Pocket in Conker on a daily basis and the natural patina develops over use to make the piece even more unique. These photos were taken by Olivia and Ali in October at Argal Farm.

You can find out more about Francli and pre-order for the next delivery here.


Please give me a little description of your studio and your favourite thing about it?

My studio is in a converted cattle barn at Argal Home Farm. A homestead and workshops just outside Falmouth. The room is plain and white with big windows. One of the many things I love is the openness, with lots of natural light. That helps my thinking space a ton. But if I had to pick one thing as favourite, it would be my pattern cutting table. It was custom made for me by designer James Smith - who set up the farm and has a wood and metal workshop here. It's so huge and heavy, and beautifully crafted. It brings me daily joy.


What is your studio playlist? 

More often than not I'll be listening to podcasts or audiobooks. So many podcasts, probably too many... The main regulars are Off Menu, Adam Buxton, You're Wrong About, How To Fail and Best Friend Therapy. I'll go to Fortunately with Fi and Jane and The Rest is History archives for comfort listening. Slow Burn Roe v. Wade and The Coming Storm blew my little mind. The Coming Storm is particularly good. My ultimate HighLow combo would be Lily Cole's Who Cares Wins with Katherine Ryan's Telling Everybody Everything. I'm partial to a fiction series too. Tumanbay has amazing production and acting, and fills a Games of Thrones gap. Oh and last month I listened to Braiding Sweetgrass twice over because I loved it, and Robin Wall Kimmerers voice, so much.


What's a typical day in the studio like for you? 

Walk Dingo, Coffee, To-Do List, make

Lunch, walk Dingo, cup of tea

Rewrite To-Do List, make, cup of tea



Favourite studio snack? 

When Amelia brings pastel de nata


What would be the dream addition to your studio? 

8 ton clicker press


Ali in studio kimono navy colour in leather worker studio

Leather scraps being collected in studio by ginger girl

Girl in kimono wearing in leather workers studio in Cornwall

Kimono navy hanging on notice board with leather handbag phone wallet

 Ali wears The Studio Kimono in Deep Sea Navy which can be found here.

Written by Olivia May