Grain and Knot Sophie looking to camera in studio holding wooden vase

Olivia visited Sophie in her London home studio and got to see first hand all of the incredible pieces she has hanging on her studio walls. Sophie is a woodworker and is recognised for her use of spalted wood and unusually shaped vases and brushes. Sophies uses only sustainably sourced wood whether it is reclaimed or from a storm fallen tree. Sophie wears the Studio Kimono in Laurel Green.


Please give me a little description of your studio and your favourite thing about it?

My workshop is in my home, it's got great light and old pieces of work and tools hung up on the walls.  I've got a really long workbench on one side and cupboards along the other. I've also got my grandma's sofa that fits in here perfectly. It's normally a huge mess with lots of half finished pieces. The best thing about it is that it's a space that's completely mine. I can spend hours making and it makes me really happy.


What is your studio playlist? 

I usually put on a podcast, I find I work better if I have a story to follow. If I listen to music my mind tends to wander!


What's a typical day in the studio like for you? 

It's always really different, I try to do a little admin first thing then I design or make for the rest of the day. I always go for a long walk with my dog Stanley at some point too. 


Favourite studio snack? 

Cheese! Or carrots and hummus 


What would be the dream addition to your studio? 

I'm really lucky with the space I have, I just wish it was a little bigger!
I'm hoping that one day I will be able to build a workshop in the woods, with a log burner, big windows that look out at the trees and be fully surrounded by nature. 


Woodcarving with knife and close up of studio kimono front

Woman holding pile of spalted wood in green kimono

Wood carver working on spalted timber vase using carving knife


Grain and Knot website can be found here.

Grain and Knot instagram can be found here.

Sophie wears the Studio Kimono in Laurel Green which can be found here.

Written by Olivia May