All of our Kimonos come with a repair kit for rips, wear and tear. 

This kit includes a patch of your kimono fabric and pre-waxed embroidery thread alongside Molly Martin's illustrated, Sashiko hand repair guide.

This method can be used anywhere on your kimono, on damages large or small; elbows or armpits. If a seam is present simply patch over the top from the inside.

Instructions and illustrations are done by Molly Martin - Olivia visited her studio and to read the interview for the Kimono My... series click here.


You will need :

- Embroidery thread - provided as part of your Sashiko kit

- Patching material (to match the fabric weight and weave) - provided as part of your Sashiko kit

- Cotton thread

- Pins

- A sharp needle

- Scissors / Snippers



Sashiko Repair Step 1

1 - Front

Prepare the damaged kimono by cutting away any stray threads from the tear and press carefully with an iron.


Sashiko Repair Step 2

2 - Back

Turn your kimono inside out and then cut a patch (at least 2cm bigger than the tear itself - the bigger the better) & pin onto the garment over the damage.


Sashiko Repair Step 3

3 - Back

Using a contrasting colour cotton thread - tack the patch to the kimono with little stitches all the way around the edges (you will remove these later).


Sashiko Repair Step 4

4- Front

Turn the garment the right way round again. Your tacking stitches should be visible and act as a guide to stitch within.


Sashiko Repair Step 5

5- Front

With your chosen embroidery thread (either a matching colour or contrast) start sewing small stabbing stitches across the damaged area, back and forth like a lawn mower from one side to the other.


Sashiko Repair Step 6

6- Front

Continue stitching over the damage. You want your stitches to be small and close together to reinforce the surrounding fabric and the tear.


Sashiko Repair Step 7

7- Front

Find your own rhythm and take your time, stitch by stitch all the way across to the end.


 Sashiko Repair Step 8

8- Front

Once you’ve completed your stitched rectangle, you can remove the tacking thread.


Sashiko Repair Step 9

9 - Back

You should have a secure and reinforced repair that will last a long time! If another tear appears or you feel your kimono becoming thin, simply repeat the method to keep your kimono forever.