You will find measurement charts for each design below but please let me know if you want any other measurements or have any questions about the fit.

All the kimonos are unisex and therefor the difference is significant between each size, so please do check the measurements before ordering. They have been designed with room on the body and sleeve to be comfortable and the sleeve lengths are slightly shorter than a usual workwear jacket as this is how they are on kimonos and are more practical.

At the moment we have Small, Medium and Large but depending on the demand we may introduce Extra Small and Extra Large in the future, please let me know if this is of interest.

The size charts are the measurement tables I send to the factory to quality control against, the kimonos are cotton and dyed so therefor they are made with shrinkage included. The factory try to ensure this is all calculated correctly but please bear in mind there could be a centimetre here or there that differs from the chart.


The Garden Kimono

Garden Kimono Size Chart


The House Kimono

House Kimono Size Chart


The Studio Kimono

Studio Kimono Size Chart