Green house, cottage garden, garden jacket, interview with gardener Amy Shore


Please give me a little description of your garden and your favourite thing about it?


My Garden is based in West Norfolk. It's a long garden but we've broken it up into sections. It naturally had a few spaces anyway thanks to the previous owners but it also had a lot of sheds and rubbish dumped everywhere. So we had a big job to clear it, open areas out and once we got a feel for the space we added fences. I love having different areas, each has its own feel. But it's also really practical as we can keep the chickens in their own space and keep areas protected as they love to nibble all of my new seedlings! The chickens are my favourite part of my garden. Time spent with them in the vegetable patch is always full of joy.


What is your garden playlist? 


Honestly, it's normally natures playlist I tune into. The chatter of the birds is perfect for me. Although, I have been known to stick on a podcast if I'm potting on in the greenhouse.


Whats a typical day in the garden like for you? 


Cup of tea with the chickens in the vegetable patch followed by opening up the greenhouse and giving everything a water. I always have a good look around at all my plants and seeds, checking for pests and harvests too.


Favourite garden snack? 


Peas straight out of the pod and for dessert, a juicy strawberry. 


What would be the dream addition to your garden? 


I'm torn between another greenhouse and a pigmy goat. Can I have both? 


Written by Olivia May