Iluustrator, repair, artist in studio, wearing studio kimono, navy jacket
Please give me a little description of your studio and your favourite thing about it? 
Currently my studio is in Brixton and I share it with the amazing printmaker Katherine Jones ( . I have a little desk and plans chest pushed together so it’s like one big table. Half the time I use it as my illustration and print making table when I’m making drypoint etchings - and the other half I cover it with a cloth and it becomes my mending table. I love my space because it’s a place where I can come and focus on the day ahead. The best part is probably Katherine’s printing press, which she lets me use! I am sadly but excitingly moving to Thames Side studios in June, where I will have my own little space to myself. It’s in Woolwich right on the river Thames - near the boats and the birds. It’s going to be a big change as it feels like I am far away from London there - compared to Brixton high street! 
What is your studio playlist? 
I rarely listen to music in my studio and tend to have a podcast or audiobook playing quietly in the background. ‘In Our Time’ with Melvin Bragg - when I can’t think of anything else to listen to - It’s always reliably interesting! Recent audio books have been ‘Mrs Dalloway’ by Virginia Woolf (I found it too difficult to read!) and ‘Breath’ by James Nestor - which changed my life! 
What’s a typical day in the studio like for you? 
Every day is different - Sometimes I’ll be working on an illustration commission over a few days. My process tends to be quite slow! I make about three finals before I’m happy with the outcome. Sometimes I’ll do a day of drypoint printing and other days I’ll be working on a repair job. Don’t think it’s all fun creative time though - I feel like most of my time is spent sending emails! 
Favourite studio snack? 
Salt and vinegar crisps and rooibos tea! 

What would be the dream addition to your studio? 

A long sleepy lurcher curled at my feet everyday.

Written by Olivia May